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Vision Zero is a global initiative, developed by ISSA, that provides a simple yet comprehensive framework for addressing health and safety in a systemic way. The “Vision Zero” initiative as launched across multiple global industries in September 2017 has been formulated to provide a number of good practice guides in enabling the “7 Golden Rules” for health and safety. A schematic showing the interconnection of the 7 Golden rules can be seen alongside. See the global site for more information:
Interconnection of the 7 Golden rules

MIASA supports ISSA mining and its strategic focus on matters like

  • Sharing of best practice on Health and Safety
  • Addressing barriers to improvement
  • Promotion, socialisation and communication of methods and mediums
  • Providing appropriate platforms for engagement and opportunities for collaboration
  • Organising global activities and events – opportunities to spread the “Vision Zero” campaign
  • Deploying regional and country specific programmes and initiatives driving the “Vision Zero” objectives
  • Supplying required resources

ISSA Mining's core focal areas are:

  • Safe organisations
  • Risk assessment
  • Mining technology
  • Education and training
  • Dust and chemical agents
  • OSH promotion and marketing

Vision Zero in the Africa region

The African region is somewhat still in its infancy with regard to the global Vision Zero programme. There are however a number of pockets, including individual organizations and country specific programmes that are well aligned with the objectives of Vision Zero and the principles of the 7 Golden Rules. The main objectives for the African region is to extend vision zero and share the tangible results amongst all member countries. Vision Zero provide an immense opportunity to share health and safety and risk strategies and initiatives amongst different industries, especially those with similar risk profiles. The African region is an ever growing minerals jurisdiction and it is therefore imperative that the region employs technology and processes that are benchmarked to the best in the global minerals industry.