The Chamber of Mines of South Africa

The mission of the chamber

The Chamber is committed to taking a leadership position in the South African mining space, working with its members and key stakeholders in becoming the most respected, capable and trusted advocacy organisation for the mining sector in South Africa. In seeking to realise its vision of a positive turnaround in the mining sector, the Chamber works in problem-solving partnerships with its key stakeholders.


The Chamber of Mines of South Africa is a mining industry employers' organisation that supports and promotes the South African mining industry. The Chamber serves its members and promotes their interests by providing strategic support and advisory input.

A key role of the organisation is to facilitate interaction among mining employers to examine policy issues and other matters of mutual concern to crystallise and define desirable industry standpoints. A variety of initiatives are in place to promote collaboration between members. Consultation and collaboration are voluntary and never encroach on the autonomy of members.

The Chamber also acts as a principal advocate for mining in South Africa to government, communicating major policies endorsed by its members. A further vital function of the organisation is to represent some sectors in collective bargaining with organised labour.


The Chamber's vision is to reposition the South African mining sector as South Africa's fore-most industrial sector. The Chamber seeks to create, in partnership with key stakeholders, a conducive policy, legislative and operating environment that facilitates doubling real investment in mining by 2030.

This is an industry strategy, and the Chamber is a respected mining advocacy organisation that works through trust-based, problem-solving partnerships to engineer this positive turnaround in the mining industry.

Achieving this vision will be a game changer for the country and its ability to achieve the National Development Plan (NDP) objectives to improve South Africa's economic growth, developmental and transformation vision as outlined in the NDP.


The Chamber has undergone a number of name changes in its history which coincide with mining and political developments in South Africa.

Chamber at Work

The Chamber continuously looks for ways to advance the position of and make improvements in the South African mining industry and participates in various initiatives and projects in areas relating to health, education, policy and regulations. See departments on our website.


Mr. Roger Baxter

Chamber of Mines (CEO)

Mr. Roger Baxter [photo]