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MIASA position statement on developing trust between the mining sector and other stakeholders in SADC

MIASA and its members aspire to achieve an inclusive, innovative, prosperous, growing and country-developing mining industry, where all stakeholders continually work together for the mutual benefit of the country and the industry. This can only be achieved in an environment where there is trust amongst between stakeholders. To achieve lasting trust amongst all the stakeholders, MIASA supports the following key principles:

  • Transparency is the foundation of trust amongst all stakeholders.
  • The mining industry acknowledges the negative impacts of the mining sector, and seeks to reduce or mitigate these impacts in the future.
  • MIASA members will encourage the adoption of mechanisms that encourage regular engagement between the mining sector and key stakeholders, which in turn will build trust.
  • Governments and the mining industry should strive to co-create a common vision by subscribing to and implementing the national development plans.