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Community involvement in mining and the impact of mining on communities

One of the challenges for mining investments is to ensure a positive contribution to poverty reduction and sustainable development at the community level. Mining can be a positive influence, providing employment and infrastructure and supporting community development such as education and healthcare programmes.

The ICMM has developed a "toolkit" for community development that demonstrate that the most successful community development activities are those that incorporate the following principles:

  • Adopt a strategic approach; activities will be most effective when aligned with long-term objectives and existing plans of all stakeholders
  • Ensure consultation and participation - the best designed plans will falter if there is insufficient trust and participation by all stakeholders
  • Work in partnership - organizations with different skills, but shared interests and objectives, can achieve more through working together
  • Strengthen capacity - programs that strengthen capacity are likely to be more sustainable.

Member countries who drive community development through their country transformation regulations are also supported.